Central Park in Roseville, Minnesota

In the winter, this park has the best walking trails in the area. They are cleared of snow soon after each snowfall. All year round this is a great place for a long walk. There is a nice mix of lakeside, woods, ballfields, gardens, and boardwalk through wetlands. They do not clear snow from the boardwalk, but why should they? The wetlands should be kept natural. It is 1.2 miles (2 km) from one end to the other. If you include all the paths, your total walk will be close to 4.5 miles. (7.25 km) Continue reading Central Park in Roseville, Minnesota

Paint a response.

Today I struggled with the demons of doubt and fear. Time was wasted. The negative thoughts told me that I am not good enough. They said I deserve to take a break. The demons did not want me to experience nature or paint anything, they wanted me to waste time. If I go through my one and only life without honing my art skills and without communicating my ideas, they win. I am glad that a different thought occurred to me: “Wait. How is it that I am both not good enough AND deserving of a break? I think I will no longer listen to you”. Continue reading Paint a response.